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Pls explain the differnce in expression !

Hi All,

I m new to qlikview and currently exploring all the set analysis expression .

Please do me a great favour by explaining the differnce between the below 2 expressions .

I want to calculate last year YTD .

=sum({$<YR = {$(=max(YR)-1)}, MONTH_ID = {"<=$(=max({<YR={$(=max(YR))}>} MONTH_ID))"}>} SELL_IN_OUT_VALUE)

=sum({1<YR = {$(=MAX(YR)-1)},MONTH_DESC = >} SELL_IN_OUT_VALUE)

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the first expression will calculate YTD of previous year according to the max month in this year

the second one will always calculate the sales in the whole previous year

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Thanks Liron


sum(SELL_IN_OUT_VALUE) -> sum all values of field SELL_IN_OUT_VALUE

then there is set analysis.

The first $ means that sum is conditioned by selections

YR = {$(=max(YR)-1)}means that in the sum the field YR must be equal to Max(YR)-1, this value is computed so you need $(=value_to_compute)

MONTH_ID = {"<=$(=max({<YR={$(=max(YR))}>} MONTH_ID))"} means that field MONTH_ID must be equal to the max(month_id) for which the field YR is equal to Max(YR)

The second expression has 1 instead of $ this means that value is not conditioned by selections, when you write FIELD= this means : any value for that field

Hope it helps

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