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Previous Month - why does this syntax not work ?

Hi the community,

I face a problem of syntax, in this set analysis :

count( DISTINCT {<Date.AnnéeMois.nom = {">=$(=Addmonths(Max(Date.AnnéeMois.nom),-1))"} >} id_content)

I need to  get the  previous month production,with no selection. 


Here are the formulas that work  :

Production = count(DISTINCT id_content)

Previous month = Addmonths(Max(Date.AnnéeMois),-1)

Number of days of current month :
( max( { <Date.AnnéeMois.nom = {">=$(=Addmonths(Max(Date.AnnéeMois.nom),-0))"}> } @CLE_Date)
- min( { < Date.AnnéeMois.nom = {">=$(=Addmonths(Max(Date.AnnéeMois.nom),-0))"} > } @CLE_Date)+1)

Production of current month :
(count(DISTINCT { < Date.AnnéeMois.nom = {">=$(=Addmonths(Max(Date.AnnéeMois.nom),-0))"} >} id_content))

Number of days of previous month :
( max( { <Date.AnnéeMois.nom = {">=$(=Addmonths(Max(Date.AnnéeMois.nom),-1))"}> } @CLE_Date)
- min( { < Date.AnnéeMois.nom = {">=$(=Addmonths(Max(Date.AnnéeMois.nom),-1))"} > } @CLE_Date)+1)
( max( { <Date.AnnéeMois.nom = {">=$(=Addmonths(Max(Date.AnnéeMois.nom),-0))"}> } @CLE_Date)
- min( { < Date.AnnéeMois.nom = {">=$(=Addmonths(Max(Date.AnnéeMois.nom),-0))"} > } @CLE_Date)+1)


Have you any idea about this syntax, and why it does not work ?
(count(DISTINCT { < Date.AnnéeMois.nom = {">=$(=Addmonths(Max(Date.AnnéeMois.nom),-1))"} >} id_content))



Thank you for your help.



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I do not have a direct answer for you on this one, but I do have a couple of links that may help you:

Design Blog:


Sorry I am not more help, my post will kick things back up too, so maybe someone else will be able to offer you something better.  


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