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Previous Year To Date Analysis


My job is to obtain sum of Ordered_Quantity for "Present Year-to-date and Previous Year-To-Date" for one selection using straight chart, by taking Sold_to_org_id as dimension and I have used expressions to obtain Present Year-To-Date and Previous Year-To_Date.

I have created Year, Month and Day using Inline Load and used these values for selection.

I have succeeded in getting the output for Present Year-To-Date by using expression,

Sum({<Year=, Month=, Day=, DateNum={">=$(=Num(YearStart(Max(DateNum))))<=$(=Max(DateNum))"}>} OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL.ORDERED_QUANTITY)

Where Datenum = (Floor(orderdate))

I am having issue with Previous Year_To-Date. I have tried all, the expressions I Knew and got from blogs, but still it is displaying zero's.

Can anyone help me in obtaining the sum of Ordered_Quantity for  Present Year_To-Date as well as Previous Year_To-Date using one selection of Year,  Month and Date.

Thanks & Regards,


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