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Problem using TOTAL function in Text Pop-Up on chart

Hello All

I have a particular problem when trying to show the Total for my dimension in a stacked bar graph. I have managed to get the Total to show in the text pop-up by creating an additional expression. The problem now is that the 2nd dimension legend shows all possible values across the entire selection rather than just the possible values defined by the chart expressions. This is a problem becauseI have many possibilities in my real world application.

I'm guessing this has something to do with the TOTAL function and I have tried a number of things in the Set analysis of the 2nd Pop-Up expression with no luck. Also an issue - I have two 'Amount' columns.

Please take a look at the sample app attached. In short, I want to see the total across the 2nd Dimension (Strategy) but without all Strategies showing in the Legend of the SUM(Amount2) chart.

Many thanks


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Any wise QV experts out there with some direction?