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Partner - Contributor

Problem with a design in QlikView

Hi Guys,

I need design this report image.pngun Nprinting








The CANAL, SUBCANAL, TERRITORIO and PERIOD are dimensions, but the column INDICATOR no, (% pedidos no entregados a tiempo  and  % venta de pedidos no entregados a tiempo) are measured, also the ranges of <3, 3-6 .. > 21, is a calculated dimension, I need to make the design that is in excel (image above), in nprinting, but I can not alter the model, this model has a somewhat peculiar design, I attached the image I indicated that fields use.


For the calculation of  "% pedidos no entregados a tiempo" the field "ContadorNumeroPedidos" is added and for the calculation "% venta de pedidos no entregados a tiempo" the field "valor pedido" is added, my question is how can I do so those two calculations look like in excel, which seem to be dimensions.

Excuse my english, thank you very much.






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