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Publisher Windows ID

Hi All,

Has anyone seen this before? When you open AccessPoint in Internet Explorer it says ... 'logged in as' then the users domain ID.

The clients user ID's all have upper case initials and owercase names, which has always been the case. The server crashed overnight a few days back and ever since the user ID is shown as upper case for some users.

We have lots of expressions that use OSUser() and they're all used in calculations specific to users mapped in their upper/lower case mix, these calcs no longer work as the OSUser is now shown all upper case.

I know I can change all my expressions to say 'upper(OSUser())' though wonder why this would happen... also it's only for a few users, all the others still see their domain ID as the mix of upper & lower case and for these users the application is still working fine.

I'm confused

Many thanks,


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