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QDF QlikSense issue


I am new to  QDF, and I am testing it with Qlik Sense Server. I followed the Getting started guide step by step,

But I am getting the following error

Started loading data

'### QDF Info, InitLink trying to link to initiation script' '### QDF Warning, could not identify any valid container path, will exit' '### QDF Warning, if using Qlik Sense add SET vG.HomeContainer=container name before InitLink.qvs'

The following error occurred:

No qualified path for file: ***

The error occurred here:


Here is my sintax:

$(Include=lib://Root (Domain_UserID)\InitLink.qvs);

My Share drive folder is mapped as Root (Domain_UserID) in the qlik sense web server.

If I Mapped Separate Lib mounts it Works with the administration container, but I get a missing Shared container error.

If I Mapped Separate Lib mounts, should I map each of the container in the server?

Any thoughts?

Hi mbg‌ you are an expert in to this, I would like some advise into this issue.

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