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QV Versionning

Have you already plugged a versionning tool (SVN for example) to QV ?

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yes, we tried it with QV Version 11 and Subversion / Tortoise SVN (1.7 I think).

Positive: All the definitions of the qvw are stored in a human readable format and so you can use DIFF to see the differences. And: You have versioning!!!

Negative: Don't use the GUI integration in QV, use your normal SVN Client GUI like Tortoise. It's a lot a lot a alot more confortable.

You have to do some tricks to use it this way.

Add and commit: Just create the project folder manually (<NameOfQVWFile>-prf) on the same folder were the QVW resides. Than open the QVW and save it and all XML Files are stored in the "-prj" folder. Add and commit this files using Tortoise SVN.

Check out:

Just get the "-prj" folder out of your repository. Create an new, empty file named <NameOfQVWFile.qvw>. Open this with QlikView-> it will be empty.

Save it -> the qvw will be regenerated using the definitions in the -prj folder.


Don't do this. Use the lock-modify-commit&unlock model



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Thanks you for your quick feedback