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QlikView Document chaining on Server


I am experiencing some problems setting up document chaining on my server running QV 12.

Situation is as follows:

I have one qvw Analysis containing some data (QV_1.qvw).

I have a second one, which loads the first one as binary load and then loads some more data from another table (QV_2.qvw)

some Users need to use both of the files. In this case I want the user to be able to link from QV_2 into  QV_1 without repeating all their selections.

For this case I created a button in QV_2 with the Action "Open QV-Document" and the Option "Pass Selection state".

Both files are in the same folder.

This works fine on my desktop environment.

But as soon as I upload the files to my access point. The button opens QV_1 but it does not pass the selections (Selections made on Fields which exist in QV_1 too).

It seems like QlikView generates a new bookmark calling it something like BM01-XXX and it adds "&bookmark=Server\BM01-155" to the open document command. QV_1 can be opened by using this link and replacing QV_2 by QV_1 and it loads the bookmark. It seems like the bookmark is unknown by QV_2.

Any Ideas how to handle this?

Thank you in Advance



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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Serhat

I had issues get some chaining working on our server but when I change the the document name to the following format it started working for me. It may be worthwhile you giving it a try.