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QlikView Straight Table not showing all the rows relevant to Expression Total

In a QlikView Straight table I have the expression as below. If user selects current year it should show rolling months for last 12 months. My expression total is showing correctly as 36 for the Year 2014 but only the rows specific to year 2014 is showing in the table (15 rows). I want to see all 36 rows relevant to the rolling months. Is it possible to do something like this.

if(Year=vCurrentYear,count(distinct{<No_of_Errors={'>=1'},TaskStatus={'COMPLETED'},ReviewYearMonth ={">=$(=Date(addmonths(Max(ReviewYearMonth), -11), 'MMM-YY')) <=$(=Date(Max(ReviewYearMonth),  'MMM-YY'))"},Year=>}QCID),count(distinct{<No_of_Errors={">=1"},TaskStatus={"COMPLETED"}>}QCID))

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