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Qlikview with Business Objects best practices

Hi, please could anyone provide advise on the best way to use qlikview with business objects?  I recently started a role in an organization that has used business objects for many years but are now in the early stages of using qlikview for dashboard reporting.  The organization is unlikely to move away from using business objects so i was wondering if anyone has advice on how to best use qlikview alongside business objects.  The points i would like clarity on are below:

  • ive heard of business objects connectors (datarocket , integr8tor) to tap into the business objects universe's & data.  Does anyone recommend these? what are the likely costs for these connectors
  • how about using the existing business objects administrator to routinely export csv/txt files for qlikview import
  • would it be best to bypass business objects completely and extract the data from the oracle database using qvds?
  • are there any practical tips on how to start new project using qlikview alongside business objects
  • are there any good guides/documentation/books that can help with this

Look forward to your answers.




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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist


If it is a must to use Business Objects and QlikView together, I think the roles should be used as follows:

- Definitely use QlikView for dashboards.

- Use QlikView or QlikSense (responsiveness) for mobile. BO has some solutions but it will require extra development, if that did not change.

- Definitely use QlikView for further analysis. For example; what did I sell alongside with x? Or I sold x to some group of customers, what else did I sell to these guys? etc. It is more powerful than any other product on the market on such analyses (Business Discovery). You may need some capable users for that though. Pick your users accordingly.

- Use QlikView if you need to calculate some KPIs based on your data. For instance, customer segments. BO cannot do that. But you may always want to delegate that to DWH. If that's not the case, then QlikView is the best option.

- Use BO for real-time reporting. It sends an SQL-on-demand to the database. If the target is a DWH, it may not matter though since it's probably working t-1.

- Definitely use BO for report distribution (sending plain reports via email to specific users etc). QlikView has a solution for that (Publisher) but it costs you extra money. Also there is (was) a 3rd party tool which Qlik recently acquired. The licence policy will be decided soon.

- Use BO for self-service BI. I know Qlik Sense has a shot at that but it still has way to go. In near future BO could be better at that for a while.

- BO licensing may be cheaper as far as I can remember. So you can expand BO licenses easier than QlikView. Determining which users is key here though. Top management and analytical guys may go for QlikView, on the other hand the rest of the users may go for BO.

- Definitely do not use BW as source of QlikView. IT takes ages to extract any info from cubes. It is not QlikView's problem though. It is a definite limitation of cube logic and its queries (bEX).

Hope that helps.