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Question about connecting Google's web analytics API and QlikView

Hey all,

I am working on web analytics here at QlikTech and am wondering if anyone else has tried to hook Google Analytic's API into QlikView. Google's analytics is certainly a great value but I am really interested to see how much more powerful the data can be when tied with QlikView.

anyway, if you have any thoughts please let me know, send me a PM or add below.

Thanks and look forward to exploring this

Jonathan Moody
Global Online Lead Gen
QlikTech International

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It's on my team's roadmap, but we havent' begun implementation. GA's API is really new, so I'd actually be surprised if people had full integration yet (at least synced up with a major application that has sales data, etc.).

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Yea I gree completely with the above. I like that GA's API is new and we can take advantage of moving quick and efficiently.

Imagine combining CRM and GA data for that elusive "All-in-one" dashboard.

Heck, while we are at it let's integrate social media metrics and activity as well...


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"Heck, while we are at it let's integrate social media metrics and activity as well..."

Yes please...


Anyone had luck with it?

I am trying to make authentication (token) working via Java Script but no luck so far.

Any ideas to use GA APIs directly into QlikView and extract data periodically - with every reload?

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See this extremely simple example how to read data from Google Analytics.


Specialist II
Specialist II

I also posted demo for this here - this one uses a helper component from a QlikView macro to fetch the data from Google Analytics (and there's a similar demo for downloading data from Google Spreadsheets), although I really like the approach of the above sample which does it all from the load script.

This has now been replaced by a much more versatile solution for connecting QlikView to APIs and other difficult-to-load datasources:


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Dear Jonathan,

I use GA API to fetch data into qlikview, but it is very limited. The maximum rows supported by API is 50000 rows but I cannot fetch more than 6000 rows. I also put the longtitude and latitude points on to the google map. It looks like cool but the limitations makes it unusable. Because you cannot be sure that you fetch all the data or not. If you have any solution for that I will more than happy to get your support.

Best Regards,


You can always loop through dates and fetch reports per day in that loop. While looping you can keep your QVD accumulated, so at the end you have QVD with all the record you need. ASAIK GA will not restrict you calling API hundreds of times. I have tested for 180 days atleast and seems to be fine.

Hope this helps.


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Dear Rakesh,

Thanks for your advice. Would you please send a sample file. Because I'm still in doubt for getting all of the data without gap. Because the API cannot know the maximum row number or the index number of the row. Your sample file will be helpful.

Best Regards,