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Contributor III
Contributor III

Recursive set analysis


I have a table with raw sales data like this,



Month ID (YYMM)



Invoice NO.

Sales Amount

Sales Qty

I need to calculate the retention rate of customer (in last 6 months) with definition like this,

Say current Month ID is 201606

Anyone who purchase between 201506 to 201512 with repeated purchase between 201601 to 201606.

I can use variable to calculate the start and end month of both period and use this formula to get the retention,

count(DISTINCT {<[Month ID]={'>=$(vRetentionXStart)<=$(vRetentionXEnd)'},

  VIP_MAIN_NO=p({<[Month ID]={'>=$(vRetentionYStart)<=$(vRetentionYEnd)'}>}Customer_ID)>}Customer_ID) /

  count(DISTINCT {<[Month ID]={'>=$(vRetentionYStart)<=$(vRetentionYEnd)'}


Question is,

I want to build a pivot table which can dynamically show the individual retention rate of each month for the last 12 months. Like this,

Brand     201505     201506     201507.........     201606

A               XX               XX          XX                        XX

B               XX               XX          XX                        XX


Any help is appreciated.

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