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Reloading data and missing old data

Hi All,

I am having data from 1 April 2016 to 7 April 2016 in the QVD file which I am pulling from DB, I am having 2 calendar controls I,e StartDate and EndDate and a button.When I click on dates 01-april-2016 to 01-april-2016 it is storing 7 days data in QVD.But when again I am selecting 05-april-2016 to 07-april-2016 I am only getting data for 2 days I,e 05 april and 06 april .I want to append the new data to the QVD file and old data should remains the same .

Appending new data to my QVD file ....

I tired partial load using button in reload options but I could find any change .

Please suggest ?

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Champion III
Champion III

can u share ur script?

any errors?   does  the new Qvd havng the data?  

check seperatly.


for the partial reload, have you well set the add load in your script ?


Sounds like you need an Incremental Load - a web search will give you of hits for "QlikView Incremental Load".

Here is the link to a good blog post, http://www.quickintelligence.co.uk/qlikview-incremental-load/

Champion III
Champion III