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Renaming a file using maxdate for tracking


I have a question.

If  i have a file with transactions and i want to to use the maxdate function,, put it in a variable  .

and then use the data in this variable to rename the qvd file, that way i can keep track when was the latest transaction

and the file name will be changed only if there is new last transaction, how do i do that?

Thanks in advance


2 Replies

I think you're making it a bit too complex, but that may be because of my limited view on your actual situation.

The date of the last transaction has a relation to the reload time of the qvd. Newer transactions aren't in there because the QVD was reloaded before the transactions were created. If you just want to know how to incrementzally update the data in a QVD or a related table, you can use the QVD reload timestamp. There is a script function for that to get the timestamp from the QVD header (no loading the entire qvd): QvdCreateTime(filename).


script to store in a qvd a table

the name of the qvd has the max date of the table 



floor(today() + rand()*1600) as d

AutoGenerate 1000;

LOAD max(d) as maxfield Resident Table;

LET vMaxDate=date(peek('maxfield'), 'YYYYMMDD');

store Table into Table_$(vMaxDate).qvd;