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Restrict Copy/Clone on objects to all but a specific list of Super Users

I have a requirement to restrict copy/clone on all objects to all but a specific list of Super Users. Would someone have thoughts on the most effective way to implement this restriction/capability.

Much Appreciated.

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Two words: 'Section Access'.

It may not provide the whole solution but it's probably the best bet. Amoungst other things it allows you to assign users to be either 'USERS' or 'ADMIN' and you can restrict their permissions from there.

It may not be possible to restrict 'Copy / Clone' directly so you may have to disable it for all objects and then only 'ADMIN' people will be able to access the Document Properties to re-activate it.

If that isn't possible you could look to a macro based on the following:

rem ** Disallow copy/clone for list box **
set LB = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("LB06")
set boxprop=LB.GetProperties
boxprop.Layout.Frame.AllowCopyClone = false
LB.SetProperties boxprop

Apologies; but I can't give a definite answer.

Hope that helps in some way.

Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd


Thanks for the response. I think i have a rough answer which is to loop through the objects and see if i can turn on / off copy clone from an on open macro using the code that you presented.