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Right Click on an Object Does Not Yileld Properties Option


Our QV developers have problem with editing QVW documents, ie they can open a document, however they can't for example right click on an object and edit properties of the object. They get different set of functions when they right click on an object.

Does anybody know why is that happening and how can we enable "Properties" function?




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You are using web view mode (it is an icon showing a blank sheet and a world in the bottom right corner)

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No - it's faded - a user is this option not given (he can't click on WebView mode at all).
I would appreciate another suggestion or another explanation?
When a user right-clicks on an object her gets:

Detach, Make reference, make copy, Print, print as PDF, export, copy, help... Options

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Specialist II

Check the Sheet Security and make sure that Access Object Preferences options are ticked.

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Specialist II

Hi Dragan:

Crtl+Alt+S ... Sheet properties, open Security tab, then tick all the options and tick apply to all sheets.

Click on OK button.

When it finished, just right click on chart

I hope it helps you and your QV Developers