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Run macro when you open application

Hello, I am currently using section access and the section application to restrict access to users based on the data. The drawback is that when I access the Web, I must log in and when I log in to the application, I must log in again.


As I see you can use the Macro because it executes when you open the application. What I want is that when the application opens, log in automatically, according to the user because there are several users in an application. but I do not have much experience and this is urgent, please can you help me solve this problem.


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

As long as you used USERID and/or PASSWORD within the section access you will get a popup-window which demand these information but by using NTNAME as authentification you could transfer the used USER directly into the section access. Further for most of the macros you will need to use IE plugin and not the AJAX client within the access point. See also: Section Access.

- Marcus