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Save/Replace Prompting while using Section Access

Hi All,

I am using Section Access Via 'INLINE Load', in my current application.

While reloading or Saving the application, It is prompting like Save/Replace the qlikview application.

Note : I don't want to receive the Prompting like Save/Replace. (Ignore the Prompting).

How we can resolve the issue,  Any Suggestions ?



2 Replies

I don't think this is related to QlikView but Windows itself, if the file has been replaced, it prompts whether you want to keep the already existing in the filesystem or overwrite with the one you are editing. This happens with Word documents too, for example.

Partner - Master
Partner - Master

You can't change this, when you open a qvw with SA, the data is potentially reduced, so the qvw is potentially changed hence the prompt. Reloading the data as last action before saving will not give a prompt though (personal setting save before reload must be off)

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