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the upcoming task will be to create a "Mgmt_Dashboard" - actually a somewhat trimmed-down version of an existing report - for starters.

What I'd like to implement in the course of this is the possibility to restrict access to the different KPIs comprised in this report - I don't know by heart what the Publisher can do. I know an SA can have OMIT_fields which are not accessible for the persons not supposed to have them.

But every one of the KPIs in the report are of course made up from many fields, all of which would have to be written into the OMIT_fields so that no part of a KPI is accessible to someone not supposed to see it.

I'm sure I can think something up to that end - maybe I have to create some "auxiliary report" that tells me which fields are used for a certain KPI or something - but maybe there is already something like a "best practice" to do that?

I have a DataModel comprising several tables, so I can't just introdice an inline table "KPI_names" and link it to all the other tables, that would result in some of them being loosely coupled ...

Any ideas, anyone?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Hi datanibbler‌,

I've got multiple ideas for you, but all costing much time

1. Make a linktable with all access restriciction combinations. Users are linked to that table en the table links to the facts table in your data model.

2. Create a KPI data model, implementing al KPI epression in the script

3. Create a list of expression, load them as a string in the data model and grant access to specific rules. The string in the datamodel can be put in a variable $(=KPI_Expression) and then Qlik reads this like an expression.