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Contributor III
Contributor III

Section Access Question - Overlapping access

Hi, I would like to know if this scenario is possible. 

Assume the following:

  • Extra rows were created above User1 for "Dummy" user that lists all possible values for Dim1 and Dim2
  • Dim1 and Dim2 have more values not listed in the sample below.
  • Below is how the section access table is written for User1




I know that here, User1 will have access to all values for DIM1 and DIM2. But what I would like to happen is that the user will have access to all DIM1 values related to DIM2 values 1-3, but for DIM1VALUE1 it should have access to all DIM2 values related to it. Like DIM1VALUE1 can have DIM2VALUE4, I want to be able to see that, but if DIM1VALUE2 also have DIM2VALUE4 I don't want to see that. Is this possible with section access? If not, do you have an advice to how security should be implemented here?


Roebrich Perez

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