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Section Access issue with 3 level hierarchy


I hope someone may be able to help with my problem. I am trying to apply section access to my QlikView document for the first time, but it's not working in the way I need it to.

The problem I am having is:

We have three levels in the organisation. All staff have a key to say what data they can have access to, so for example, I have access to everything and will have all Key's against my name. A team member would have access to a few specific teams and have some Team Keys against their name. A director has access to high level data but not team, so he would only have Key number ‘1’ in the example table below. All of our data set’s are at team level, so there is no Key number ‘1’ in the data so the director sees nothing when I apply the security but I want him to see the data at the top two levels but not drill down to team. The other issue I found was that even if it worked for a team member, they would only see the data for the top two levels that team is in, but I want them to see all data at the top two levels but only be restricted when they reach team level.

I hope this makes sense and that someone can help me find a solution!

Service 1Subset 1NULL2
Service 1Subset 2NULL3
Service 1Subset 3NULL4
Service 2Subset 1NULL5
Service 2Subset 2NULL6
Service 1Subset 1Team 17All the data has an Key at Team Level
Service 1Subset 1Team 28
Service 1Subset 1Team 39
Service 1Subset 2Team 410
Service 1Subset 3Team 511
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