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Select Date Range By Month Year


I am trying to select date range of Month Year values with alternate states , I already have an alternate state defined for my Tab , for some reason the Date range is not being selected in the Date field nor the Chart. And also please suggest if there is any other better way to do this instead of using alternate states.

Thank you

3 Replies

Your Date range listbox has different state that rest of your objects so it will not pick up filters from Year or calendar.

Is this the issue you are facing?

Is the a reason to have every object in different state?



Instead of Select 'On Select' Trigger, try 'OnChange'

And change your search expression like

='>=' & Date(Date#(only({From}[Month]) &' '& only({From}[Year]),'MMM YYYY'))& '<=' &

Date(Date#(only({To}[Month]) &' '& only({To}[Year]),'MMM YYYY') )

Check the Attachment.

I suggest you to use Calendar Object / List box selection for From and To Date Instead on MultiBox. You can easily assign your value and retrive the date based on your range.