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Select in field trigger works on the desktop, not on the server

Hello all,

I have an issue with a trigger which perfectly works on the Desktop, but not on the server (Access Point).

In fact, the click on a text box should trigger a variable. Following the values of this variable, some values of a loaded field should or not be selected.

Please see the attached file.

In details, I have 1 variable "v", which can take the following values:

     - 0, only if the text box "v0" has been selected

     - 1, only if the text box "v1" has been selected

     - 2, only if the text box "v2" has been selected

Following the values of the variable "v", a trigger selects in the field "EVENT_ID":

     - v = 0, EVENT_ID ={}

     - v = 1, EVENT_ID ={A,B,C}

     - v = 2, EVENT_ID ={A,B,C,D,E,F}

Do you have an idea of the reasons this does not work on the server?

Thanks in advance

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No idea, but why don't you use bookmarks instead. Those will work and are more easily understood than the 'magic' triggers that are likely to confuse and frustrate users.

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Why don't you just select the EVENT_ID values in the text box click action?


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You are right, even if I need the variable to be set.

However, I do not need the trigger on this variable for the selection in field.

This solution is OK for me, but I still do not understand why my solution did not make it.

Anyway, thanks both for your answers.