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Selecting a field from cyclic group when a sheet is activated


I have a sheet with a chart which has a cyclic group as a dimension. The cyclic group should have a certain field selected always when a user comes to sheet. I've tried adding following action when sheet is activated:

Toggle Select

     * Field: MyGroup

     * Seach String: =GetCurrentField([MyGroup])='Field X'

Select in Field

     * Field: MyGroup

     * Seach String: =GetCurrentField([MyGroup])='Field X'

These don't work

3 Replies

Try this..



Search String : Field X

For Multiple Fields, try like :  ("Field 1"|"Field 2")


As per my knowledge ..if you want to select in the GROUP I don't think its possible ...... Order it manually the order you want and save the document

Creator III
Creator III

It can be possible using Bookmark.

1. Set bookmark for selected field in cyclic group, Mark all check boxes during bookmark creation.

2. Add Action "Apply Bookmark" with bookmark ID.