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Selecting previous month's purchases

Hi All!.

I'm creating a model on stock ageing, and I need to pull through the Purchases for the previous calendar month into this model. I'm trying with this expression but I am getting zeroes;

=Sum({<DteGRN={">=$(=AddMonths(MonthStart(Max(num(Date))),-1))<=$(=AddMonths(Max(num(Date)),-1))"},TheMonth=, TheYear=>} TotalCost)

DteGRN is the date field in my PurchaseFact SQL Table that I am using, and hooking in a TimeDimension table as well.

Can anybody by anychance please help?

Many thanks!

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What is the format of DteGRN field? Assuming it is MM/DD/YYYY, try this:

=Sum({<DteGRN={">=$(=Date(MonthStart(Max(Date), -1), 'MM/DD/YYYY'))<=$(=Date(AddMonths(Max(Date), -1), 'MM/DD/YYYY'))"}, TheMonth=, TheYear=>} TotalCost)

Change to your date format accordingly.

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Thanks for your mail Sunny T - unfortunately did not work. This is what I used, changing the format to YYYY/MM/DD;

=Sum({<DteGRN={">=$(=Date(MonthStart(Max(Date), -1), 'YYYY/MM/DD'))<=$(=Date(AddMonths(Max(Date), -1), 'YYYY/MM/DD'))"}, TheMonth=, TheYear=>} TotalCost)


Hi Christopher,

Try this,

=Sum({<DteGRN={">=$(=Date(MonthStart(Max(Date), -1), 'YYYY/MM/DD'))<=$(=Date(MonthEnd(AddMonths(Max(Date), -1)), 'YYYY/MM/DD'))"}, TheMonth=, TheYear=>} TotalCost)


Hi, Try this if you want to use Date:

Sum({<DteGRN={">=$(=MonthStart(addmonths(Max(Date), -1))<=$(=MonthEnd(AddMonths(Max(Date), -1))"}, TheMonth=, TheYear=>} TotalCost)

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Thanks, but I'm afraid it didn't work

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Thanks a mil, I'm afraid it didn't work


I guess you need to format your date field DteGRN while loading the data. Try by changing your load script like below

Date(Date#(DteGRN,'Source file format'),'YYYY/MM/DD') as DteGRN

If that's not the problem, please post a sample.


Is DteGRN a date or timestamp? Would you be able to share a sample to look at this?