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Set Analysis - stacked bar chart question


I have a stacked bar chart with multiple expressions which I need to show the contribution of several groups of data to a total. I am using the following expression:


sum({$<CollsFlag={1},RPC={1},TranfAMFlag={1},Group={"Closure"},RemoveFlag={0}>}Closure) / sum({$<CollsFlag={1},RPC={1},TranfAMFlag={1},RemoveFlag={0}>}RPC


For each group of data I am changing the={"Closure"} part to match another of the groups. This worked fine until today when I corrected the join between the inline table defining the different groups as it was brining through duplicates. Now it has stopped showing any group other than the Closure. I have tried cutting and pasting the expression that works over the ones tat do not but this doesn't help.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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In your Table View, when you do a preview of data you can see more than the group 'Clousure' ?

Best regards,


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Thanks for the reply

Yes, I can see all groups but they all show 0.0% other than Closure

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It sounds like closure will only be 1 when it is a closure so if you sum this, it will only sum closure.

I think you need to remove the Closure = 1 part if you want to show others.

You should do a count of group rather than count of closures.

Let me know if you need anything else

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Thanks, but I have now resolved this.

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cheers mate