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Creator II
Creator II

Set Analysis w/ $ not changing with filter

The below expressions are being used in a line/bar chart and the count values are not changing when a filter is applied to the View_Incidents_Within_24h field.  If I select the all the values in View_Incidents_Within_24h greater than 0, my bar chart does not change in anyway.

No Call After View: Count(DISTINCT {$<View_Incidents_Within_24h={0}>} View_Viewed_By)

Call After View:  Count(DISTINCT {$<View_Incidents_Within_24h={">0"}>} View_Viewed_By)

Shouldn't No Call After View disappear from the bar chart because we are using "$" and the current filter is excluding 0?

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Because you have set a specific value for View_Incidents_Within_24h in your set expression, this will override the value in the current selection set ($). Hence you will see data for No Call After View and Call After View even when you explicitly select zero.

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Hi Nick,

the $-Sign within SET Analysis means that all User-Selections will be respected in this expression.

BUT in your case with one exception:


as you hard-coded it in your expression.

Analog in second expression.



Contributor II
Contributor II

Can you tell if there is a way to overcome this scenario?

Contributor II
Contributor II

If you want app level selections and expression level selections to work together (for same field), here is the solution

Count(DISTINCT {$<View_Incidents_Within_24h*={0}>} View_Viewed_By)

* will act as intersection.

Scenario 1: App selection: View_Incidents_Within_24h = 0. 0 intersection with 0 will be 0. So data related to 0 is shown.

Scenario 2: App selection: View_Incidents_Within_24h = 1. 0 intersection with 1 will be Nothing. So no data is shown.

Scenario 3: App selection: none for View_Incidents_Within_24h. None intersection with 0 will be 0. So data related to 0 is shown.

Hope this helps.

Src: Set analysis filtering see answer by jontydkpi