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Creator III
Creator III

Set Expression with function

Hi Everyone,

I have a "quick chart" where I have graphs with sales by year, this date is related with field A. However I need show number of clients according the last year of enrollment and this date is related with field B therefore I need count all my customers in year (field B) with out have in mind the month in sales (field B). Can I transform a dimension in a set expression?

=Count( {1<Year(field_b)={2000}>} Distinct Social_Number)


- Javier Florian

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No, you can only use field names in on the left side of the = operator. You can create a year field in the script from field B. That's the best approach. Or you can try something like Count( {1<field_b={'=year(field_b)=2000'}>} Distinct Social_Number)

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