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Set Filter to ALL Elements, but with row-specific ID


i have a problem with a Best-Price-Calculation.

There are a lot of items equal items, with many vendors.

Below you see a list of one item, from 7 different vendors.


What i try to get now, is to find the Bestprice and the second-bestprice. Via SQL-Statement i already get the first bestprice, but not the second.

My Main-Problem sems to go with ALL,$,TOTAL,{1}.....

When i try this, i get what i want, but only when the filter is for one item. When i have all items, it is min() for all items 😞2.jpg

What i want is:

  • Set filter to ...
    • the same item-ID as the row has, but within all items, cause this would reduce the item-set to the equal-items, And this would give me the 7 items, you see abofe.
    • set filter to some fields, wiche are for all rows, with the same item-ID (in this case: "bBestprice" and "bMindestBestand")

when this is set correctly, min()-function would give me what i want.

Thanks a lot for help!

Best regards


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Champion III
Champion III

May be try like

= Min(Total <Item-No> {< ....>} LieferantenArtikel.sale_price_calculated)