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Sheet alignment

Hi Experts,

I have 10 object ex:straight box.. and sheet is filled and I wanted to drag same 10 objects below the first objects.. it means 11, 12,13..etc but here my problem is not able to drag(ctr+drag - to copy same objects).. How to do that

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hey Raj,

To move a group of objects you can:

1. Drag select them by holding left click and dragging a box around them, then holding left click on one drag it and all of the objects should move.

2. Hold shift and then click on each individual item you wish to move, then hold left click on of them of and drag the items to where you want them to go.

Hope that helps



Also make sure that in the properties/layout tab of the objects the allow move and allow copy checkboxes are marked

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Check whether you have enabled the security options for copy and add new objects in the sheet.sheetprop.PNG