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Showing Missing Time Data on a chart axis


I am trying to display the YearWeek dimension on the x-axis of a bar chart even if there is no data associated with a particular YearWeek value. In other words, I need to show all YearWeeks  no matter whether they contain data or not.

This link is about the problem that I am trying to solve: http://blog.axc.net/showing-missing-time-data/

However, it looks a bit of an overkill for what it seems a simple task. Is there any easier why how this can be done?

To put you into context, I am using set analysis to display the rolling 5 yearweek (ie. the last 5 yearweek form the current date).

I also experimented with different options in the properties of the chart, but all in vain. These include:

     - Delete if null values (in Dimentions)

     - Display all values (in Dimentions)

     - Delete null values (in Presentation)

     - Delete missed Values (in Presentation)

Any help would be appropriated

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I'm afraid there is no "simple" solution, because if have no data in some period sum() function returns 0. By default in line chart checked option "Suppress zero values". If uncheck it you will get logically right but not graceful line-chart.

I suggest follow the explanation in the blog.




If the missing data is due to the structure of your data set, then the island dimension* approach in the link that you posted is probably the best way to go. And it need not be terribly complex.

Other options would be to transform your dataset or insert bogus zero value data points - which are often more of a problem than adding a simple island dimension.

* a data island is a table or tables not associated in any way with the main fact table. An island dimension is a dimension based on data island fields.

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