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SkyDrive Excel

I have an excel spreadsheet in Microsoft's Skydrive which allows me to make edits directly in the browser.

I need to read this skydrive worksheet to create some indicators, but did not find any help on how to do it.

I'm on a Server 2003 that does not support the client's desktop skydrive.

Anyway, does anyone know if you can read a spreadsheet in Skydrive?

I appreciate any help!



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello Stive,

Just wondering if you were able to solve this? Deu certo? I am trying to use a "shared" excel file and pull the data from it into Qlikview...via Skydrive...or Google docs...havent tried Google yet though. Can you let me know. Please?



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Hello Jareb,

To use the Skydrive just install it in the machine and read locally as an archive of office.

To use the Gdrive the file needs to be shared publicly.

If you do not share publicly, you need to log in GDrive QlikView and for spreadsheets, it can only read the first tab.



Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks for posting Stive.

I downloaded the desktop app for Skydrive which synced my Excel data file to a local drive.  I simply copied the path to the local file and was able to load the data easily.  Only took a few minutes.