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Stock Aging Report -Adding debit values to another credit field


I am hoping someone can help with this,it is really urgent. I have  attached a print screen of the data as it is showing currently on a table.

We have a negative value in the current month

Current: -120

Month 1: 579

We do not reflect the negative values on a field, so it is hard coded out, the problem is that I need to subtract that value from the previous month with a positive value, in this case it is one month only but it it may be that there are 6 months between the months, there may even be two months with negative values that need to be offset against a positive field.

Worst case scenario something like this

Current: - 120

Month1: 0

Month2: -130

Month3: 0

Month4: 15

Month5: 300

Your result must be

Current: 0(this I am already doing)

Month1: 0

Month2: 0(this I am already doing)

Month3: 0

Month4: 0

Month5: 165

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This can probably not be done on the imports as I needed to build in flexibility, example changing you maximum day to any month.

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Have a look at this tutorial for peek(): QlikView Peek Function

It might help if you prepare a "running total" column which reflects the true negative value (which in you example are the real values behind "Current" & "Month 2"). This will allow you to display "0" for both these months, but also keep track of when you rise above "0" again.