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Sub total in a Pivot table

Can anyone kindly help me with a QV calculation I am having problem with,

in the attached sample I would like to have the values seen in Column 1,2, & 3 in Column 4

(total value of column 4 (Calc 2) will then be $5,700)

Adding the column headers will not be an option

(please note: In the back end (script) it is a combination of two join tables)

thanks in advance

Column 1 = Sum of Amount1

Column2 = Sum of Amount2

Column3  (only where SubCategory = Header11) =  Sum
of Amount1   (less)    Sum of Amount2 (only Header6
& Header7 values)

Column4 = Want to align all of the above values in one
single column


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so what is the exact expected output? can you put it in an excel spreadsheet and screenshot it?

when you say adding columns names is not an option is this what you mean is not an option - (Amount_1+Amount_2+Calc1)?

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Try this.
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Column4 = [Amount_1]+[Amount_2]+[Calc1]