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Subfield Index

I took a look at Subfield function in QlikView help, and additionaly I tried to find some examples and explanations o the Internet.

Unfortunately I did not found anything what gives a nice overview on how to use this function.

Anyway, I am using this function to get the [Full Name] and to concatenate this filed with ]Message] field

here is the code:

trim(Message) & ' (' & applymap('MapUsername2FullName', upper(subfield(Message,'"',4)) , upper(subfield(Message,'"',4))) & ')' as [New Message]

I am not getting [Full Name]

Has anybody any suggestion?

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Could you please post the Sample Message text here?

For Example: UserName"FullName

SubField('UserName"FullName', '"', 2) will give you the FullName

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni


Can you attach some sample values, so that it would be easier to understand your requirement and solve.



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Yes, cerainly.

Here is an example of a Message item:

Call allocation: All XX licensed Named CALs are allocated. No CAL assigned to user "DOMAIN/abc123" - usage. denied.

I have to extract the following: DOMAIN/abc123


If the username is always between double quotes you can use the textbetween function:

textbetween(Message, '"','"') as UserName

The '"' is a double quote character between two single quotes.

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