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Sum the values matching a criteria

Hi guys,

I have a simple question that's making me crazy, but I'm a newbie in qlik and I'm doing some practice right now.

I have a data with these information:

ID          | Duration

1            | 10

2            | 4

3            | 5

1            | 6

5            | 9

2            | 12

I have to create an expression for a graph in order to get the sum of the duration for each IDs. The result I'm expecting is:

1 -> Sum: 16

2 -> Sum: 16

3 -> Sum: 5

... and so on for all the records in my data source.

How can I accomplish that? I have a strong background in excel and I was trying to look for a function like SUMIFS, but reading some of the posts in the community I noticed that the subject is different than I though.

Thanks to all


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Plz. see the attached and let me know if you any queries

Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi Maurizio this can be done with set analysis A Primer on Set Analysis



I think if you make the Dimension to be ID and your expression should just be


This should give you the of each ID.

Hope this helps

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Hi guys,

I've solved my doubt using this expression: =Sum( if( Type = '1' , Duration))

By the way, thanks to everybody for the replies

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you can also use sum({<Type ={'1'}>}Duration).

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