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Contributor II
Contributor II

Training and implementation recommendations?

We are about to purchase QlikView for a team of healthcare data analysts.  These analysts have experience with a wide variety of other BI tools, and have quickly learned to use our current tool through coaching and exploration.  For people who have been through a QlikView implementation, what would you recommend in the way of training?  Formal, classroom sessions for everyone?  Train-the-trainer?  A similiar coaching approach to what we're now doing?  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Creator II
Creator II

In the page of Qlik.com you can find partners, they can give you one training or in the same page you can see training. I share you the URL

Qlik Training Search Page

Qlik Partners



The training I would consider mandatory for formal classroom would be that on QV Server / Publisher, but probably only for a couple of people.

For dashboarding / scripting Qlik does formal classroom training, but [depending on number] another option could be getting a bespoke training course at your site.

Also having a QlikView application support contract can be useful so you have somebody to call when people get stuck. Many partners will do this.

Also this QlikCommunity is good.  Do read this post QlikCommunity Tip: How to get answers to your post? as quality questions tend to get quality answers.


Try some books on Amazon:


If you want some videos on YouTube try my free course at:

http://techstuffy.tv (YouTube)