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Creator III
Creator III

Trigger Not working on active Sheet in webview

Hello ,

I have a trigger lock all on active sheet which is not working in webview . Can any one  tell me what might be the reason. I am using Qlikview 11.2 SR1.

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I know it´s an old question, but maybe this helps another person.

In my case the "on activate sheet triggers" didn´t work eather. I found out that the sheet-triggers can´t handle copy & paste values (in my case...).

I had to put a specific trigger (selection in field trigger) to multiple sheets and copied the field and the value, which was variable in notepad++. On every sheet where I needet the trigger i pasted the field and the variable, but it didn´t work there. Then i found out if you delete the pasted fieldname and write first


and then delete the = it work. It seems thant qlikview doenst recognice a field if you put it in the trigger with copy and paste, IF its an on activate sheet triggers. In other cases it did work well for me.....

Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks Florian for the advice.  Did your "On Activate Sheet Triggers" Not work work in AJAX and pluggin veriosn both? For us the triggers work in the pluggin version and does NOT work in AJAX mode. Were are using : Qlik 11.2 SR4

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Sorry, we only use AJAX in this specific case, so i can´t say anything about the behaviour in the pluggin version.