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UI Lookup Function

Hi All,

Was just wondering what the different lookup up functions there are for the front end. I have a table with dates and trading day numbers. I just need a function that can look at today's date (Today()) and tell me from the table what the corresponding trading day is.

I am currently using the function =only({<Date={'$(today())'}>} DayNumber) which I have made into a variable. This works fine when there are no selections that have been made in any list boxes. The problem is that when a user makes a selection from the any list boxes, it says error in expression, but deselect everything and it works again.

Independent of any selection, all I need is for the function to look up today's date in a table and return the corresponding trading day number.

Thank u

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Try this

=only({1<Date={'$(today())'}>} DayNumber)

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Hi Celambarasan,

Unfortunately that returns and error. I have attached a copy of the some sample data.

Thanks for the help


Contributor III
Contributor III

This may work for you

1.only({<Date={'$(vtoday)'},[Selling Day] =>}[Selling Day])