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Unable to test ODBC connection - Returns Error

We have created an application where we have residing on site a Data Collector application which creates the QVD files which in turn are sent via secure Ftp to  our data centre where  the QVD’s are loaded into our QlikView application.

This is has been successfully installed on a number of sites, however on one particular site I get the following connection error even though my ODBC settings are correct and can connect to the Data Source.

This is the 1st time we have ever encountered this error, Do anyone know what port this uses?  Is it just the standard SQL Port of 1433 or something different? .  We are using the x64 version of QlikView Personal Edition SR7.  Any assistance that you could offer would be gratefully received

The error being returned is "Test connection failed because of an error in initalising provider.  Unsecified error"

As you can see typical informative Microsoft error

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Carl set the ODBC up incorrectly!

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Yep, he has mate, how are things


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