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Updating incremental refresh


Here is the background to our problem:

1. we have an internal database(MS SQL) which store data for one single day and as in when new data comes, old data will be deleted and this happens daily.

2. we are planning to use QlikView dashboard to save and visualize everyday data using incremental refresh so that we will have a track of historic data.

the catch here is, the extracted data fields might get updated after extracting and we wanted that to update in the dashboard too. full refresh seems to complete this task with ease but if we do a full refresh the previous days' data will be lost. an example for clear understanding of the problem:

     a. data about the prices of various products from e-commerce sites is crawled every day into MS SQL DB and qlik view takes that data from DB.Next day, new data will be crawled and existing data in the DB is updated with new data.As we do an incremental refresh on date, we will pull in the incremental data into dashboard. now, the Quality control team looks for any errors in the data by comparing with previous days' and if there are any, they go ahead and correct the data. now we want qlik to refresh the already extracted data to update it ,only for that particular day in order not to lose the historic records. and this goes on every day. extract, update and re-extract.

please help us finding a solution on how this can be dealt in qlikkview. TIA

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Have a look at the post below.

Incremental Load in Qlikview - Sources


Kaushik Solanki

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