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Use outer join not for flat tables only

Dear Community,

is it possible to use an outer join also when there is no flat table desired?

Use case is as following :

We need to have all tables separated, so we have a better overview and fields are grouped by their table name. In fact it will be easier to use the data definition for ad hoc analyses in QlikView or QlikSense

I read a lot about join logics in QlikView, seems it would be enough for us to have something like outer keep, but this do not exists?

Any ideas how to achieve to get all tables seperated (not inside a flat table) loaded, but defining which connection should be a left, right and especially an outer join?

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does the automatic linking that is done by QlikView not fulfill your requirement? That is kind of like an OUTER KEEP.

The only thing you cannot do, you cannot e.g. count the instances of a keyfield in any individual table since QlikView will then count also the instances of that keyfield elsewhere.

I haven't worked with the KEEP yet, but I see that the help_file at least does not list the possibility of an OUTER KEEP.

Best regards,



Hi, the automatic linking everytime cuts off data, what will be not good for ad hoc analyses, as mostly i dont know what i want to analyze before.


Table A - Table B - Table C

Table B has cut off Data as its linked with Table A, But Table B can also be connected with Table C and therefore it needs all row. So we need all data of all Tables