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Using a combination of Date, Subfield and filebasename() to get month and year

My filenames have the format of "abc_def_jan_2009.xlsx", "abc_def_feb_2009.xlsx" etc

by using

Subfield( filebasename( ), '_', 3) as Month,
Subfield( filebasename( ), '_', 4) as Year

I can get the Month and Year as a text string, but how do i do to get them in a workable date format?

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No sure if this is the right way of doing it but this worked if anyone needs it

Month(Date#(Subfield( filebasename( ), '_', 3),'MMM')) AS Month,
Year(Date#(Subfield( filebasename( ), '_', 4),'YYYY')) AS Year



Take the whole month and year and format it as date

Date(Date#(Field, 'MMM_YYYY')) AS FileDate

The resulting date would be the first possible date (start of month).

Hope that helps