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Using bookmarked variables in an expression

Hi everyone, 

I need some help / advise on bookmarks, variables, and set analysis. 

I understand that we can use the selections in our bookmark in a set analysis by using {[BM01]<...>} without having to select that bookmark. But what about the variables which are saved to that bookmark? Is there a way to use those variables in an expression in another chart (without having to select the bookmark)? 


If its not possible, any advise on how to tackle the requirement below would be appreciated.

We have a few tables / tabs performing different what-if analyses using variables. What the users want to do is to be able to compare any 2 different scenarios side by side at the same time. So it's possible that they want to compare the same what-if analysis with 2 different input variables, or they could also want to compare 2 entirely different what-if analysis. 


Thank you in advance! 



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Contributor II
Contributor II


As far I know, variable definition don't belong to any bookmark state, except you define that variable with all the same selections that you define that bookmark.

Instead, Are you considered using Alternate States? I think it could be a simple solution to stablish a comparative analisys both on the same page, or across multiple pages of the application.

With alternate states you can ensure your variables are referring to the alternate states and their selections, including make a composition of selection from one state to other.

Hope it could be helpuf for your requirements.

Best Regards.