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Using variable with parameter within a variable with parameter

Hi all:

Can anyone teach me how to do this or is this actually working?

Let's say I have a variable called 'vKPI_a' which contains a formula to calculate the KPI and it take one date related parameter.

I would have other KPIs like vKPI_b, vKPI_c ...

For example, if you want month to date KPI, then you use this variable like: $(vKPI_a('MTD'))

And then I want to create another variable for colour coding, say 'vColourCoding'.

In this variable, the formula would be like:

IF($1 < 0.5, RED(), IF($1 < 0.8, YELLOW(), GREEN())

So how can I use the KPI variable as a parameter for the colour coding variable?

I would assume it will look like: $(vColourCoding($(vKPI_a('MTD')))). But it does not work...

Thank you very much.


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It will be difficult to understand from the explanation. Please post the sample app

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Master III

Try this post , you should get your answer



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Thank you very much!