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Variable in expression (challenge !)


I have a new challenge !

For one project based on exchange rate, I have created 100 variable like this :

In loading script :


load distinct Currency Resident ExchangeRates;

LET vRows = NoOfRows('Currency_Table_tmp');

FOR i = 0 to $(vRows)-1

  LET vCurrency = Peek('Currency',$(i),'Currency_Table_tmp');

  if(len('$(vCurrency)') > 0) then

  Set $(vCurrency)_TO_GBP = 1;

  Set $(vCurrency)_TO_EUR = 1;

  end if;


One example for a currency AUD:

Variable created : AUD_TO_GBP & AUD_TO_EUR

User can change the rate manually inside the application, that's why I need to create all variables

Now, I'm trying to use dynamically the variable into a table :

My goal is to get that :

Currency (dimension) / Sales  GBP (expression) / Sales  Euro (expression)

AUD / sum(Local Sales) * AUD_TO_GBP / sum(Sales) * AUD_TO_Euro

Don't forget AUD_TO_GBP is a variable and not a column.

I have tried to do that

=sum(Local Sales) *  $('=only(Currency') & '_TO_EUR')

But Qlikview doesn't understand this :

$('=only(Currency') & '_TO_EUR') => the goal is to have the value of this variable (AUD_TO_EUR) and it depends on the currency name in my table

Any idea ?

2 Replies

Perhaps =sum(Local Sales) *  $($('=only(Currency') & '_TO_EUR')).

If not, please post a qlikview document that demonstrates the problem.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand


I suppose you can use individual variables for the currency and use that variables into the expression where you can use that expression.