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Weekly Activity Report

I am trying to create a weekly activity report and I am wondering how to create a chart and a table with the date field.  I am guessing I need to add the date fields of month, week and year in the script, but I am not sure how to do this.  I am also trying to filter out field values from certain columns in certain tables that i do not need to see in the report


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Could you please attach a sample QVW?  That would shed a lot more light onto the situation you're dealing with

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Thanks.  I attached the qvw file

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You're going to want to take a look at your data model first, you have a synthetic table in there and another table that is a "data island"  Once you take care of that and add in a date field to your data, you'll be able to make the objects to make your weekly report

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How do I remove the $Syn 1 Table from my data model?  How did that get in the data model in the first place?

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Here's a helpful post that may be able to assist you with that