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Contributor III
Contributor III

What is the Answer ?

Following is the interview question, which is posed by the interviewer in the recent interview.Would like to know the answer for this.

And also come content on these kind of questions.

  1. There is a schema given, table A to C is one to many and B to C is one to many. What is the relation between A and B
    1. a. One to many
    2. b. Many to many
    3. c. Many to one



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many to many


It is no doubt about it: many-to-many.

This does not depend on the actual values - because the question itself states the relationship between the tables A,C and B,C and pure logic tells us the missing piece.

The question is posed like this is an Entity-Relationship modeling thing. QlikView use associations and does not have relationships as such - although they have many similarities.

Creator II
Creator II

Its many to many

Becoz Both the tables have B field so there would be the relationship in between all the fields.



Creator II
Creator II

many to many.

any doubt?