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What kind of QlikView tools I need for this situation?

Hi All,

It is confused for me to decide what kind of QlikView tools I need in my case as I concern I need to buy licenses for other QlikView tools or not.

The following is the case I face to:

- Input: Excel as data source

- Transform data to fit output

- Design dashboard and report template

- Output: Dashboard and standard report

- View output online

- Share output to multiple clients

- Generate report and update dashboard when getting new Excel files

May anyone give me some help?



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Designing dashboards and reports is done with Qlikview Desktop. If you are the only developer then QV Personal Edition is enough. If more developers need to work on the same documents then they'll need a license, either a stand-alone named user License or a license leased from a Qlikview Server that has enough user CALS.

To view reports online or share output to multiple clients you need Qlikview Server. Which license mix is best for your situation is something a QlikTech Sales rep can help you determine.

The rest can be done with either Qlikview Desktop or Qlikview Server.

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Hi WY Chan,

I recommend you to contact your local QlikView office and speak with a Sales Representative.

To start develop QlikView applications (that is report, dashboard etc) you need QlikView Local Client.

To give users access to a  QlikView application online, you need QlikView server and appropriate number of user CALs (this can be Named Users CAL or any other CAL that suits your need).

The full price list is online http://www.qlik.com/us/explore/pricing but you still need to speak with a Sales Representative so that you can get appropriate advise on what solution will meet your needs.


Hello WY,

For this scenario, you would need obviously QlikView Desktop for use to load in your excel sheets, transform the data as needed, and design your dashboards.

From here, you would need our Server solution (either Small Business Edition or Enterprise Edition) to host your QlikView Dashboards. Here your users or clients will have online access through the access point of QlikView Server.

Any updates to the dashboards must then be done again using QlikView Desktop.

Hope this helps. Please mark this as answered if so.


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Luminary Alumni

Hello WY,

Qlikview can do everything you mentioned before.

You will develop with your Qlikview Desktop client that can be downloaded for free in Qlikview.com.

Then, with Qlikview Server you can publish your reports online (you can access them through a browser) and your clients can have users to access these reports.

If you are planning to send your reports so the clients can open them locally in their computers using Qlikview Desktop, then you might think about buying licenses for Qlikview Publisher.

I recommend you get in contact with the sales team. You can find a sales rep here: http://qlik.com/#%2Fus%2Foverlay%2Fcontact-sales

I hope this helps.


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Hi, WY.

Can I just add to what QL recommended. QlikView Publisher is quite a commitment. Unless you can get a good deal with your dealer/partner or requires very specific functionality that Publisher provides, a cheaper option is NPrinting for automated distribution of reports. This is usually 30% of the price of Publisher.

For more details look at